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== Projects ==
Hardware Interface Project (HIP) is a Computer Science Applied Group. We work closely with the Green Science Applied Group. All Applied Groups are interdisciplinary by nature, and so we might have students from other majors.
* [[HIP:LittleFe Touchscreen qt Interface]] (LittleFe)
== Introduction ==
* [[HIP:LittleFe Touchscreen Display]] (LittleFe)
* [[About Us|More About Us]]
* [[HIP:Outback Serial Interface]]
* [[New Member Orientation]]
* [[miller-wind-design|Miller Farm Wind Project]]
* [[Members]]
* [[HIP:PMP]]
* [[Man|Manuals]]
* [[HIP:Temperature Sensors]]
* [[HIP:TS7400|TS7400]]
* [[HIP::Keck]]
* [[HIP:YSI-600R|YSI 600R Sonde Unit]]
* [[HIP:YSI-650MDS|YSI 650 Multiparameter Display System]]
* [[HIP:displayWall|Display Wall]]
* [[HIP:a2d-pci|PCI-AI12-16]]
* [[HIP:TS-7000|TS-7000 Series (TS-Linux)]]
* [[HIP:eTrexGPS|eTrex GPS]]
* [[HIP:differential-gps|Differential GPS]]
* [[HIP:TS-GSM1|TS-GSM1 cell modem]]
* [[HIP:TempProbe|RTPB3-12 Temperature Probe]]
* [[HIP:PosterSession|PosterSession]]
'''Documentation for Portable Units'''<br>
==Current Projects==
*[https://wiki.cs.earlham.edu/index.php/HIP:YSI-650MDS SONDES AND 650] <br>
* [[Building monitoring|Energy monitoring]] (including fixing IP numbers for new network configuration)
*[https://wiki.cs.earlham.edu/index.php/HIP:YSI-600R  YSI 600R sonde unit] <br>
* [[eDisplay]]
*[https://wiki.cs.earlham.edu/index.php/HIP:differential-gps DIFFERENTIAL GPS] <br>
* [[Weather Station]]
*[https://wiki.cs.earlham.edu/index.php/HIP:Inventory INVENTORY] <br>
* [[Proto Backup]]
*For zoey, see inventory for list of items in the kit
* [[Solar Array]]
*Also see inventory for TIC and see manuals for directions on how to use it
* [[Wind Turbine]]
* [[House Demo]]
==Fall 2012==
== Less Current Projects ==
* [[Nicaragua Weather Stations]]
*TV Mount for Lilly Library
* [[Hazard Platform]]
** Make sure pen driver starts up as soon as machine is turned on
* [[Proto Upgrade]]
** Make sure chromium starts automatically when machine is turned on
* [[Webcam|Webcam filming Phase 2 construction]]
** Make sure chromium goes to full screen as soon as it is initiated
* Cleaning and organizing, prepare to move
** Set the home web page
* Indoor air monitoring
** Set keyboard in background
** [[Joseph Moore Museum Air Monitoring|Joseph Moore Museum]]
** Setup sshd
** New building
** Disable ubuntu updates (because the pup us updates allow people to get acces to machine and its programs).  We want to make a kiosk out of this station (just as it is on the Dennis entrance)
* [[Mosquitto]]
** Figure out if we can have 2 pens connected at the same time (left and right)  (With the center mount of the holder is this is necessary?)
* Earthquake detection - AG, GC
** Figure out sensor motion and make sure its driver starts automatically as well.
* [[Energy Wars Display|Energy Wars setup]] - GC
** Improve about us - pictures
* [https://github.com/EarlhamCS EarlhamCS GitHub]
** Signage in Lilly (maybe "green map")
** Physical box for suggestions and improvements
*eDisplay v2
** Use source control
** Fix recent introduced crashing
** Split, total and all other buildings in to 2 separate charts - one above other (Since we have a larger screen now)
*Data normalization
*Merge CS Wikis
*Energy Wars 2012 Prep.
''Notes from the 2 February 2012 meeting:''
== Established Projects ==
* Blower door training was done for 3 groups, nice work gang.
'''Green Science''' - http://wiki.cs.earlham.edu/index.php/Green_Science
** Darken the axis labels on the energy display (Gustavo, Tristan)
** Develop a small weather display, integrate into energy display, send to Content folks (Gustavo, Tristan)
** Prepare for electrical consumption data from multiple buildings (Gustavo, Tristan)
** Re-consider the locations and types of screens to use for the eDisplays, next lunch meeting (All)
*** Screen savers on all the ECS lab machines (Ben to speak with Tom Steffes)
*** Lilly Library
*** Earlham Hall
*** Carpenter
*** Runyon
*** Consider iPads for Admissions and the President's office lounge area
*** For larger units consider an automagic rotating display rather than a remote control
** Degree day calculations based on Dick Smith's email (Corey)
** Weather data to Postgres (Ivan, Sotheary
** Solar array power production to Postgres (Tristan, Sotheary)
** SEPAM addressing (Ivan, Mikel, Ben)
** Button-up solar array wiring (Ben, Alex)
** Weather station installation fixup (Ivan, Sotheary, Corey)
== Spring 2012 ==
'''Displays & Energy monitoring'''
*[[Green Zone Kiosk]]
*Weather Station
*[[eDisplay Code]]
*[[Building monitoring]]
*[[Desktop Board For Display]]
*Solar cleanup
*[[Energy Wars Display]]
*Raise wind turbine
*[[Google Charts API]]
*plug in Edisplay to solar inverter
*[[Energy Monitoring Analysis]]
*solar / wind power production into database
*[[Energy Monitoring Hardware]]
*[[Electrical Energy Normalization]]
*[[Lilly Library TV Mount]]
== To Do Fall 2011 ==
'''Energy Auditing'''
* [http://cluster.earlham.edu/wiki/index.php/Blower_Door_Test_Instructions Blowerdoor Instructions]
* IR camera
* Netbook
* Fix network port for DELL (CP) - Sunday
* Move weather data to postgress (IB) - Working on transfer script and writing directly to postgres, filter bogus data in a view
* [[HIP:LittleFe Touchscreen qt Interface]]
* Finish wiring on solar (TW, BS) - Waiting on wall clips, Ben to send Charlie the size
* [[HIP:LittleFe Touchscreen Display]]
* Finish EDisplay (S, G) - Checking comment script, add weather, add more buildings when data is available
* Mount EDisplays (ALL) - Networking on Sunday
* Figure out best high visibility project (ALL) - Ben working on boiler spec and setting-up a Friday lunch meeting with Portland company.
* Figure out SEPAM addressing (BS, CP) - Maintenance is hiring a Scheinder Electric person who will do this while on-campus
* Engineer individual building monitors (BS) - Considering a Square D unit since we work with a lot of that gear already.
* Information sign (TW, IB)
* Degree day calculations (Corey)
* Occupancy normalization - (All) Consider number of person hours per building per day.
== Spring 2011 ==
'''Power Production'''
5 February Telecon
* [[HIP:Outback Serial Interface]]
* Touchscreen display
* [[miller-wind-design|Miller Farm Wind Project]]
* GVStreamer setup
* PM8 monitoring
*Clean forth floor (Dennis and London ;))
==To Do Summer 2010==
'''Field Science'''
* There is also a shared Google Doc (umm-Active?) that has this
* Keck H2O Monitoring
**GPS + Proto? (maybe not) + stewie
** [[HIP::Keck]]
**Portable kits
** [[HIP:YSI-600R|YSI 600R Sonde Unit]]
** Solar panel power production to database via infobomb
** [[HIP:YSI-650MDS|YSI 650 Multiparameter Display System]]
* [[HIP:PMP]]
**Wind Generation
* [[HIP:Temperature Sensors]]
* [[HIP:TempProbe|RTPB3-12 Temperature Probe]]
* [[HIP:TS7400|TS7400]]
* [[HIP:eTrexGPS|eTrex GPS]]
* [[HIP:differential-gps|Differential GPS]]
*What's happening with the weather station-can we visualize
* [[HIP:PosterSession|PosterSession]]
*What can we do with the GPS on top of Dennis
*Whom are we supposed to talk to about the portable kits
*how, and where can I find documentation for the GPS?
*Can we get a windows OS for Zoey?
== To Do Start of Semester 2010==
'''Weather Station'''
**install Weather Display for Linux Console (no X Windows)  on proto
**Do documantation for the packages and find the TIC (Ben Johnson and Gab in Physics)
*[[Weather Station]]
**Fiddle with sondes and infobomb and see if you can get something out of it.
**Find source code for consolewd
**ask DPalin to if he can send a copy of his config.txt, and if he has the source code.
**Do the documetation.
== To Do October 2009 ==
*List of things to talk about
* [[NTP Server]]
* [[QCN Seismic Measurement]]
**weather station
* [[HIP:displayWall|Display Wall]]
**water sonds
* [[HIP:a2d-pci|PCI-AI12-16]]
**Denis wind
* [[HIP:TS-7000|TS-7000 Series (TS-Linux)]]
*List of things to do
* [[HIP:TS-GSM1|TS-GSM1 cell modem]]
**dinner at miller farm  on Sunday night
* [[HIP:Traffic Cam]]
**move wind gen to miller farm on sunday
* [[Digi PortServer TS 2]], SN=V40611264
**move weather station
* [[HIP:Summer 2009 Project Page]]
**debug Django(Charlie)
* [[Arduino Yun]]
==May 11, 2009==
== Other ==
*Created [[HIP:summer2009| Project Page for Summer 2009]]
'''Archived Notes / To Do Lists'''
== To Do Winter 2009 ==
[[Fall 2012]] <br>
*Work on the water monitoring  devices
[[Spring 2012]] <br>
*Work on the weather
[[Fall 2011]] <br>
*Work on wind
[[Spring 2011]] <br>
[[Summer 2010]] <br>
[[Spring 2010]] <br>
[[October 2009]] <br>
[[Winter 2009]] <br>
'''Unsorted Content'''
*should we wash the sonds?
*Do we have some of the sond "condoms"?
*Are we going to have Zoey monitoring
the weather or we we are gonna find another
machine, or we are going to work on trying
to find a linux compatible
**What is happening with the packages we prepared last summer??
Green Science Projects
*[http://wiki.cs.earlham.edu/index.php/HIP:Inventory INVENTORY] <br>
*For zoey, see inventory for list of items in the kit
*Blower door test
*Also see inventory for TIC and see manuals for directions on how to use it
*Keck unit
*Solar Hot water
*solar / wind power production into eDisplay
==January 19, 2009==
*Our meeting time is on every Friday from 12:10 to 1 pm (with lunch).
*Projects working on:
**[https://wiki.cs.earlham.edu/index.php/TrafficCam traffic cam]
**water monitoring
**short term weather forecasting (potentially)
==March 6, 2006==
Alan, Colin, Tom, Maduna, Tom, Bryan, Jeff, Charlie
* Alex did the mojo and we now have DBI/DBD on the pmp.  Next is finish transactions and cleanup code. 
* Jeff emailed ARM about the watchdog timer, no word yet.  Charlie will look at the BIOS setting. 
* Colin will look into how to do damping of the direction and speed readimg.
* Colin will fix the graphs including the date ranges.
* Breadboard Wed at 1p
* Rainguage is working and recording data, congrats Tom and Maduna.  Mounting, reseting discipline and technique, and display elements are all that's left.
* Windchill calculation, both the Davis interface firmware upgrade and the new formula.  Bryan.
* X10 systems.  Tom waded into this and found some stuff.  Heyu.  Alan will get a serial controller.
* Use WECI tower for annenometer mountings.
* GPS.
==February 13, 2006==
Alan, Jeff, Bryan, Colin, Maduna, Tom, Alex, Charlie
* C to read raw value, Perl (called from cron) to buffer to file and send to server every N times, server inserts into database and returns ACK to Perl.
* Use TV antenna for the tower.
* Check the TS-5600 library.
* Watchdog timer (Jeff)
* Rain gauge (Tom, Maduna)
* GPS (Alex, Jeff), solar radiation (Colin, Maduna)
* Alan's applications - 1) small machine that does temp and displays via http and send X10 commands out the serial interface with X10 switches and dial-up and ethernet interfaces.  2) robot to go in a house under remote control, B/W (or color) video, up stairs, 30 minute, budget of about $2000.
==February 6, 2006==
Tom, Colin, Alex, Maduna, Jeff, Bryan, Alan, Charlie
* Do we have a calibration/accuracy problem WRT wind direction? Rest of the stuff listed below  (Colin, Alex, Bryan)
* GPS (Alex and Jeff)
* Watchdog timer (Jeff)
* Rain gauge, try plugging into the interface and testing (Maduna, Tom)
==January 30, 2006==
Colin, Alex, Tom, Jeff, Bryan, Maduna, Alan, Charlie
*Laid-out the architecture of the quark-pmp-wind components and the interfaces. 
*Look at the TS-5600 library interface for reading ports rather than /dev/...
*Put together a circuit based on a voltage regulator supplied by the board power port.
==Organization Meeting - January 11, 2006==
Alex, Bryan, Colin, Tom, Maduna, Jeff, Charlie
* Regular meetings this semester will be on Monday at 12p in the Dennis 4th lab.
* Wind speed and direction - data aquisition/data transfer/packaging/deployment (Colin, Jeff, Alex, Bryan)
* GPS - data aquisition/data transfer/packaging/deployment/ntpd/clients (Alex, Jeff)
* Rain gauge - data aquistion/data transfer/visualization (Tom, Maduna)
* Solar radiation - data aquistion/data transfer (Colin, Maduna)
==To Do February 2006 ==
* Fix wind chill calculation, use new formula
* Figure-out watchdog timer on PMP
* Backup on PMP - just needs to be put in cron (Tom)
* Wind data for this area (Mary)
* Problems with direction - determine input voltage and calibrate to that (Alex and Colin)
** Stable voltage needed, e.g. when WiFi card is removed voltage fluctuates.  Measure at start and end, if equal than ok. 
* Porting wind speed and direction software and setup to pmp, made some progress (Mary, Alex, Colin)
** Speed working now, using sigalarm(), need a resistor?  DIO for power.
** Direction isn't working yet.
** Next week on roof?
** Two weeks in field?
* Sleep and wake on pmp1 with watchdog timer (Mary)
* Weather Cam is working again, cluster camera to be setup in D209.
* RP&L Weather data, contact Gus Duke.  Indiana American Water has a link which she sent. (Mary, Charlie)
* Rain guage, Mary has worked on it but it's not working.  (Mary, Charlie)
* Solar radiation sensor, continues to make progress, conversion and data comparison (Colin)
** How to set angle/calibration.
* GPS setup with time server (Tom)
Useful Support Documents from Davis Instruments:
* http://www.davisnet.com/support/weather/support_docs.asp?dtype=2
Other local data that can easily be harvested:  Farmland
Other local data that can easily be harvested:  Farmland
* http://shadow.agry.purdue.edu/cgi-bin/map_patrol/images/cd_zen.map?162,104
* http://shadow.agry.purdue.edu/cgi-bin/map_patrol/images/cd_zen.map?162,104
** Technologic Systems TS56000 single board computer running Linux off a SANDisk.
** URL for the board and documentation
** To Do
*** Port threaded anemometer code, change code to use local analog/digital inputs
*** Setup NFS mounting of / on the pmp from proto
*** Test analog and digital inputs
*** Setup and test WiFi interface
*** Test and document backup and recovery procedure
*** Identify and recover missing files from SANDisk
*** Design and implement data collection, sleep, and data transfer functions
** The Wind direction sends an analogue number. 
** The wind speed is the number of pulses per 2.25 second interval.  The number of pulses is the windspeed in MPH.
*We are using a [[Digi PortServer TS 2]], SN=V40611264
** URL of the documentation
*Rain guage:
** Sends a pulse every time the cup switches.

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Hardware Interface Project (HIP) is a Computer Science Applied Group. We work closely with the Green Science Applied Group. All Applied Groups are interdisciplinary by nature, and so we might have students from other majors.


Current Projects

Less Current Projects

Established Projects

Green Science - http://wiki.cs.earlham.edu/index.php/Green_Science

Displays & Energy monitoring

Energy Auditing


Power Production

Field Science


Weather Station



Archived Notes / To Do Lists

Fall 2012
Spring 2012
Fall 2011
Spring 2011
Summer 2010
Spring 2010
October 2009
Winter 2009

Unsorted Content

  • For zoey, see inventory for list of items in the kit
  • Also see inventory for TIC and see manuals for directions on how to use it

Other local data that can easily be harvested: Farmland