Fall 2012

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Lilly Library TV Mount
Building monitoring

  • eDisplay v2
    • Use source control
    • Fix recent introduced crashing
    • Split, total and all other buildings in to 2 separate charts - one above other (Since we have a larger screen now)
  • Data normalization
  • Merge CS Wikis
    • Done. All information from cluster wiki and wiki.cs.earlham.edu is now on wiki.cs.earlham.edu.
  • Energy Wars 2012 Prep.

Notes from the 2 February 2012 meeting:

  • Blower door training was done for 3 groups, nice work gang.
    • Darken the axis labels on the energy display (Gustavo, Tristan)
    • Develop a small weather display, integrate into energy display, send to Content folks (Gustavo, Tristan)
    • Prepare for electrical consumption data from multiple buildings (Gustavo, Tristan)
    • Re-consider the locations and types of screens to use for the eDisplays, next lunch meeting (All)
      • Screen savers on all the ECS lab machines (Ben to speak with Tom Steffes)
      • Lilly Library
      • Earlham Hall
      • Carpenter
      • Runyon
      • Consider iPads for Admissions and the President's office lounge area
      • For larger units consider an automagic rotating display rather than a remote control
    • Degree day calculations based on Dick Smith's email (Corey)
    • Weather data to Postgres (Ivan, Sotheary
    • Solar array power production to Postgres (Tristan, Sotheary)
    • SEPAM addressing (Ivan, Mikel, Ben)
    • Button-up solar array wiring (Ben, Alex)
    • Weather station installation fixup (Ivan, Sotheary, Corey)