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EC CS's weather software (initially installed 2014-11-16) is weewx.

About WeeWX

Its website describes it thusly:

weewx is a free, open source, software program, written in Python, which interacts with your weather station to produce [databases,] graphs, reports, and HTML pages. It can optionally publish to weather sites or web servers. It uses modern software concepts, making it simple, robust, and easy to extend. It includes extensive documentation.


User Manual

Doc Index


Key Directory Paths

Config: /home/weather/weewx-2.7.0/weewx.conf Databases: /var/lib/weewx/weewx.sdb and ./stats.sdb Previous software: /home/weather/oldWeather


sudo /etc/init.d/weewx [command], where command can be stop, start, status