New Member Orientation

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Read what you need or want; you can always come back.


  • read the About Us page
  • there's generally a pool of projects available
  • you can pick what project you work on
  • we perform maintenance as well as implement new projects


  • Dennis roof
  • Noyes basement
  • Green Zone


  • go here
  • fill it out and include applicable locations
    • Dennis back entrance, CAX
    • Dennis roof, CAB 6
    • 2nd floor lab, CAA3
    • Noyes basement, CAB 13
    • CS/physics lounge, CAA6
  • public Safety should email you when your keys are ready


get someone to make username, passwd

  • ACL's
  • proto (going away)
  • new-proto (will eventually become proto)


Check HIP for up-to-date project listings.



  • we use a listserv,
  • notify the group about significant progress via listserv or in meetings
  • questions can be asked via listserv
  • google drive is used frequently


  • Friday in the Green Zone for lunch (12-1pm)
    • general discussion about current and future projects
    • bring-your-own-lunch style
  • Sunday on the roof (1-3pm)
    • working together in the same space


Documentation is an important part of HIP because different people from different semesters will need to know about the work you did. It's also more efficient to point the curious here rather than to explain something multiple times.

  • document projects
    • inline code documentation helps readability
    • wiki articles are fast and helpful
    • document changes to keep information relatively accurate
  • document your work, process, or experience
    • your experience is invaluable to someone who is in a similar situation

Wiki Basics

  • how to use
    • you need an account to be created by an admin; ask Charlie or Ivan
    • if a page doesn't exist, search for it and the wiki will let you create that page
    • make sure to click "Save Page" after you're finished editing
  • how to learn
  • how to style
    • having too many headers can be overkill
    • lists are the simplest way to organize content
    • trim things down