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(Need a notation for relative priority. Please don't delete anything unless we're updating this during a meeting.)

Quick Test

Current Items (updated November 9, 2005)


  • Liberate BCCD onto Little-Fe, making progress, see BCCD/PPC wiki for details (Kevin and Toby)
    • Use singularity
  • Send email to Paul about BCCD changes (Toby)
  • Setup archive for list-packages
  • Get test clusters liberated
  • Get qemu or UML working for test environment (Skylar/Kevin)
  • Talk about Bugzilla setup for liberation

LLK (see Cluster:LowLatency for the details)

  • Note: migration of this list to bugzilla is in progress; here's the current llk bug list
  • Check Alteon drivers for STP, do they support cairo?
  • Find statistics information (Skylar,Alex)
  • Read the STP paper, emulate his test methodology/program? (Everyone)
  • Is there a 2.6 version of STP? (Only from us.) SGI? (Not likely.) (Skylar)
  • Look at separate socket implementations (Skylar)
  • Look at Netpipe calls for STP help (Skylar)
  • Measure latency in kernel and on wire using either kperf or tp_timer - (Alex and Toby)
  • Investigate tp_timer instabilities (Toby, Alex)
    • Test accuracy by loading one of the nodes with CPU and disk traffic (lots)
    • Setup and document this, along with kernel building/loading/starting, so that any of us can make a change and a measurement.
    • Measure packet loss rate at each node and the switches and hopper using SNMP/Cricket (Skylar)
    • Measure bit error rate (Skylar)
    • Use a structure/array for tp_ routines (Alex and Toby)
  • Figure out linking (AlexL)


  • Build a 3.1.4 CVS export with instructions and park it in ~pande for Guha (JoshM)
  • Test a range of molecules, clusters, and sizes with Alex's scripts and PBS/Maui (Skylar)
  • Plumbing
  • Figure out how to get poster in one go (Skylar) LaTeX?
  • on bazaar: ccache & distcc with wiki howto (Skylar,done)
  • on cairo: distcc (currently installed but not running) with wiki howto (Skylar,done). Pull image too (Skylar)
  • Investigate cairo's network delays. Switches? sshd? Timer reset? IPF? (Skylar, Toby)
  • Setup testing flows (UDP, ICMP) between hopper and cairo to test latency. (Skylar)

Aug 26, 2005 Meeting Minutes

  • Charlie, Toby, Alex (3 credits), Kevin (2 credits), Josh, Skylar (3 credits)
  • SIAM PP06
    • September 30, 2005 abstracts due, conference is February 22-24.
    • Low Latency Kernel
      • Collect papers, read, discuss next Wednesday. Wiki entry, papers, Beowulf posts, kernel source, in central place. Literature search,, kernel development How-Tos, kernel mailing list, Beowulf mailing list, Toby to ask.
    • Little-Fe
      • BCCD with scripts to do mods for diskless booting
      • Write-up with pedagogical stuff and curriculum modules (list-packages)
  • Other
    • Clean and organize Wiki
    • Clean and organize Recompute/CCG lab


  • Whitebord(s) for 4th (Charlie)
  • Change Vijay's password (JoshM)
  • Fiber uplink for bazaar (Charlie)
  • Return GBIC module (Alex)
  • Cool Athena in the display cabinet
  • Construct shelving for Athena
  • Figure-out why CVS commit emails don't always appear
  • Setup POVray on Athena (Skylar)
  • Updates to
    • add link to cluster wiki page
    • loose rss feed, leave a single link to mt, last mt entry
    • news - siam posters,, others?
    • General and Resources link sets horizontal instead of vertical.
    • Add link to Resources called documents (add static link to last MT entry and link to wiki)
    • Update weatherduck link
    • Add link to wiki doc under tools
    • Update preset query link
    • Overview and Press prose update (Charlie)
  • Update speedup and speedup/efficiency within DVT for endnodes (Alex)
  • Talk about backup strategies/repartitioning



  • Checkpointing hook in GROMACS - change mdrun data structures (checkpoint frequency variable) instead of using SIGUSR1, and which files we are using. Figure-out how we can start, checkpoint, and recover using TPR and TOP files as input (JoshM)
  • Develop test canon (Alex and Charlie)
  • Document and (done) in Wiki (headings for each are already under HowTos) (Alex)
  • Supervise test runs, non-nfs, a2.7, all molecules, 1-4 nodes, bazaar and cairo, separate table (Alex)
  • rerun the following configurations and compare nfs/nonnfs (Alex)
    • bazaar proteasome
    • bazaar villin-urea
    • cairo methanol 1-8 nodes
    • cairo mixed
    • cairo proteasome
    • cairo water 1-8 nodes
    • bazaar water
  • Check copyright headers, see Adam's message of March 11, 2005
  • Test with PBS/Maui (Skylar)
  • Re-write run-fatc to take PBS (no LAM) into account. (Skylar)
  • Get PBS to allow unlimited walltime. (Skylar)

Curriculum Modules

  • Producing a cluster/distro specific set of modules out of one base unit
  • Generating a wiki entry and repository entry from one base unit
  • Population ecology module, start by finding what packages are available and making a list. (Skylar)


  • Setup room in permament configuration.
  • Accept next shipment from ECS.

Green Science

  • Track down current and archival weather data (wind, temperature, others) for this area, Muncie airport, RP&L, other sources? (Mary)