Building the GIMP

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Here's some basic instructions for building the the GIMP from source on the clusters using the bash shell:

  1. Make sure CVS is set to use ssh as its transport: export CVS_RSH=ssh
  2. Set your CVSROOT to quark: export CVSROOT=:ext:$
  3. Checkout the source tree: cvs co gimp-pd
  4. Enable support for distcc: export CC=distcc; export CCX=distcc
  5. Set the distcc hosts you want to use: export DISTCC_HOSTS="host list". For cairo, this would look like export DISTCC_HOSTS="c11 c12 c13 c14"
  6. cd into the source tree and run configure like so: ./configure --prefix=$HOME/cluster-name/gimp-pd. You can add --enable-mp if the cluster you are running is SMP.
  7. Run make: make -jn CC=distcc, where n is twice the number of processors available.
  8. After the make is done, run make install to install it in your home directory.