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  • Aaron and Tristan
    1. Finish empty find bug, commit changes to Google code repository. (Fixed. Need to commit and push.)
    2. Add client optional client logging, at least all attempts to connect to server and response, e.g. login, send finds, send tracks
      • This was already supported by plugging the device into computer and running from Eclipse.
    3. Look at 0,0 vs null,null for Finds without geotagging (Leif and Gus working on server)
      • Filtering 0,0 locations is already implemented on the client side in MapFindsActivity.java in the function centerFinds() specifically on line 380.
    4. Fix pictures not always displaying on client's View Finds
  • Sean and Nick
    1. Improve server log format and content, consistent entries when actions are taken
    2. Fix finds with no pictures error on server's map display
    3. Improve the server side error handling, at minimum a function that logs what was happening and the message
    4. Add a client activity log to the server, could be a live feed from /var/log/httpd/{access, error}_log
  • Leif and Gus
    1. Fix the server's Google Maps API key
    2. Fix the 2x display of pictures
      • This was incorrectly characterized. The loop to display images was not broken, but rather somehow duplicates of the images were being stored in the database with unique ids. Maybe a client bug?
    3. Fix the partial image display problem where the bottom is cut-off or grayed-out
    4. Look at 0,0 vs null,null for Finds without geotagging (Tristan and Aaron working on client)
    5. Implement the single frame solution to providing a /m interface for the server
    6. Consider the deletes not synced but, two different approaches (delete vs flag and filter), reconcile how the clients do this and how the server does this, one approach for all?
    7. Provide an interface for viewing deleted finds and un-deleting them
  • Gustavo and Jeremy
    1. Fix the Google Maps display missing on the client, script and instructions for people to install a key
    2. Implement adding a sensor reading (temperature) to the client's Tracking mode. Adjust the client's and server's data models and sync plumbing so that the temperature readings are stored with the expedition in the database.


  • Server
    1. Fix QR codes for easy client download (built from our repository) and registration
    2. Images are corrupted. Last bits seem to be scrambled. Images are stored in the DB.
    3. Cleanup all those warnings that appear in /var/log/httpd/error_log whenever a page is referenced
  • Client
    1. Log should include the version ID of the POSIT software, the Android software, and the Google API
    2. Recording a long track (+1 hour?) causes a crash
  • Both
    1. 0,0 vs null,null for Finds with no geotagging
    2. Find log should include username, which is then passed to server and stored as an attribute of the find


  • Server
    1. Design and develop /m support
    2. More dense/useful find display (sorting options, map thumbnail option, etc.)
    3. Placemark to find mapping
  • Client
  • Both
    1. Test harness geared towards find integrity
      • Presence and content
      • Add, update, delete
    2. Design and build POSITx-Rescue
      • Study the plugin architecture
      • Design the interface - functionality, screens, menus
      • Build the interface, notion of a skin and simplified structure
      • Add username to database to keep track of who added or modified a find (Check that user is not a primary key)

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