Running Application on Device Through Eclipse

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Running Application Through Hardware Device

  1. Start Eclipse.
  2. Plug Android device into computer with USB cable.
  3. Follow instructions on ensuring your device will be recognized by your OS: Using Hardware Devices.
  4. Hit "Run" in Eclipse, if your device is plugged in and recognized then a "Device Chooser" window will pop up. Select your device you want to run it on.
  5. Your phone will jump to the running app on the phone whether it is locked or in another application.

Viewing the Debug Log in Eclipse

  1. With your device plugged in and the application running, go to Window > Show View > Other...
  2. A pane will pop up, type "LogCat" into the search bar, select it and hit enter.
  3. An in Eclipse pane will appear with the real time device log. Messages written to the this log using android.util.log. Happy Debugging.