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These are the computer and network services that the CS department provides:

Web (HTTP)


  • FTP services run only on This will give you access to your user data on the main file server, quark.
  • By its nature, FTP is unencrypted, and insecure. It is recommended you use SFTP or SCP whenever possible.


  • SSH services run on all machines. This provides encrypted shell access to any machine, along with other encrypted services.
  • For information on how to login to machines remotely, see this page.


Mail includes SMTP, IMAP, POP2, and POP3.


  • Our mail transport server runs at Using a shell on any of the ACLs, you can use Pine to send email through it.
  • You can also use a mail reader such as Thunderbird or Microsoft Outlook and use as your mail server. Make sure you use the mail submission port (587) rather than the mail transport port (25). It is also highly recommended that you enable TLS (encrypted) communications.


  • Our IMAP and POP services run on and, respectively. Running Pine on the ACLs will connect you to your mail boxes using IMAP.
  • When using any mail reader, it is highly recommended that you use our secure IMAP or POP3 services, which run on ports 993 and 995, respectively.


A webmail service based on Squirrelmail is available here.


  • We operate open-source Postgres and MySQL RDBMSs on quark. If you require a database, contact the systems administrators.
  • We also have a licenses for Oracle 8 and 9 for Sun Solaris. This database is non-operational, but could be brought on-line if needed. Contact the systems administrators for more information.