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  • Test CD/DVD (again) (Alex).
  • Before anything else copy node0's drive as it is now and put on Charlie's desk (Toby) (done)
  • Setup PXE environment, try run-in-RAM first (Alex and Toby).
    • PXE works with NFS.
  • Second disk drive in node1 for redundancy (rsynch from node0) (Alex and Toby)
  • Respect Paul's philosophy about setup and usage models, see the other wiki entry (All)
  • node0 has script that uses netboot and sequences bootup. (Alex)
  • Use a faster drive, 7200RPM, ATA or SATA (Charlie)

  • debug littlefe0's startup process (dhcp and bind must start)
  • add entries for every node's mac address into /etc/dhcp3/dhcpd.conf
  • test both power supplies on the grandmother board
    • they seem to work