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March 6, 2006

Alan, Colin, Tom, Maduna, Tom, Bryan, Jeff, Charlie

  • Alex did the mojo and we now have DBI/DBD on the pmp. Next is finish transactions and cleanup code.
  • Jeff emailed ARM about the watchdog timer, no word yet. Charlie will look at the BIOS setting.
  • Colin will look into how to do damping of the direction and speed readimg.
  • Colin will fix the graphs including the date ranges.
  • Breadboard Wed at 1p
  • Rainguage is working and recording data, congrats Tom and Maduna. Mounting, reseting discipline and technique, and display elements are all that's left.
  • Windchill calculation, both the Davis interface firmware upgrade and the new formula. Bryan.
  • X10 systems. Tom waded into this and found some stuff. Heyu. Alan will get a serial controller.
  • Use WECI tower for annenometer mountings.
  • GPS.

February 13, 2006

Alan, Jeff, Bryan, Colin, Maduna, Tom, Alex, Charlie

  • C to read raw value, Perl (called from cron) to buffer to file and send to server every N times, server inserts into database and returns ACK to Perl.
  • Use TV antenna for the tower.
  • Check the TS-5600 library.
  • Watchdog timer (Jeff)
  • Rain gauge (Tom, Maduna)
  • GPS (Alex, Jeff), solar radiation (Colin, Maduna)
  • Alan's applications - 1) small machine that does temp and displays via http and send X10 commands out the serial interface with X10 switches and dial-up and ethernet interfaces. 2) robot to go in a house under remote control, B/W (or color) video, up stairs, 30 minute, budget of about $2000.

February 6, 2006

Tom, Colin, Alex, Maduna, Jeff, Bryan, Alan, Charlie

  • Do we have a calibration/accuracy problem WRT wind direction? Rest of the stuff listed below (Colin, Alex, Bryan)
  • GPS (Alex and Jeff)
  • Watchdog timer (Jeff)
  • Rain gauge, try plugging into the interface and testing (Maduna, Tom)

January 30, 2006

Colin, Alex, Tom, Jeff, Bryan, Maduna, Alan, Charlie

  • Laid-out the architecture of the quark-pmp-wind components and the interfaces.
  • Look at the TS-5600 library interface for reading ports rather than /dev/...
  • Put together a circuit based on a voltage regulator supplied by the board power port.

Organization Meeting - January 11, 2006

Alex, Bryan, Colin, Tom, Maduna, Jeff, Charlie

  • Regular meetings this semester will be on Monday at 12p in the Dennis 4th lab.
  • Wind speed and direction - data aquisition/data transfer/packaging/deployment (Colin, Jeff, Alex, Bryan)
  • GPS - data aquisition/data transfer/packaging/deployment/ntpd/clients (Alex, Jeff)
  • Rain gauge - data aquistion/data transfer/visualization (Tom, Maduna)
  • Solar radiation - data aquistion/data transfer (Colin, Maduna)

To Do February 2006

  • Fix wind chill calculation, use new formula
  • Figure-out watchdog timer on PMP
  • Backup on PMP - just needs to be put in cron (Tom)
  • Wind data for this area (Mary)
  • Problems with direction - determine input voltage and calibrate to that (Alex and Colin)
    • Stable voltage needed, e.g. when WiFi card is removed voltage fluctuates. Measure at start and end, if equal than ok.
  • Porting wind speed and direction software and setup to pmp, made some progress (Mary, Alex, Colin)
    • Speed working now, using sigalarm(), need a resistor? DIO for power.
    • Direction isn't working yet.
    • Next week on roof?
    • Two weeks in field?
  • Sleep and wake on pmp1 with watchdog timer (Mary)
  • Weather Cam is working again, cluster camera to be setup in D209.
  • RP&L Weather data, contact Gus Duke. Indiana American Water has a link which she sent. (Mary, Charlie)
  • Rain guage, Mary has worked on it but it's not working. (Mary, Charlie)
  • Solar radiation sensor, continues to make progress, conversion and data comparison (Colin)
    • How to set angle/calibration.
  • GPS setup with time server (Tom)