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We allocate computational resources for senior projects. These are a few notes for our practices in this area.

In general, email for admin questions, requests, etc. This list is public and in active use.

What we guarantee

We can create user accounts for students on both the CS and cluster domains, and in many cases students will already have them.

Requesting computational resources

Email to ask about reserving computational time or global software installations. If you're unsure of the kinds of resources you need, ask there or ask an admin you know. If necessary we can also schedule a short in-person chat to get more information. We have a range of hardware and software platforms.

Web servers

If students want a web server hosted locally, they should do it in the CS domain rather than cluster. (We can make exceptions in cases of need but it's not common.)

If students want something more customized than the CS servers, we recommend checking out Heroku.

  • Per Adam Schwartz: "I think it would be a great time to point theses students to cloud providers such as Heroku because they provide free tier hosting and subdomain for this exact kind of thing. It also exposes students to current industry best practices and "real world" experience for deploying applications."