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Authors Ross Mars: "The Basics of Permaculture Design"

Frances Moore Lappe: "Diet For a Small Planet"

Charles Gerras: "Organic Gardening"

Michael Pollan: "Omnivore's Dilemma"

David Holmgren: "Permaculture, Principles and Pathways Beyond Sustainability"

J.I. Rodale: "Organic Gardening and Farming"

Sir Albert Howard: "The Soil and Health". "An Argricultural Testament"

Aldo Leopold

Wes Jackson

Wendell Berry

Louis Bromfield

F.H. King: "Farmers of Forty Centuries"

Pastoral community

 Alan Nation:  "The Stockman Grass Farmer"
 Joel Salatin:  
 Jim Gerrish: (coined phrase "management intensive grazing")
 Gerald Fry:
 Jo Robinson
 Dr. Amibal Pordomingo
 Andre Voison:  "Grass Productivity"