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  • Questions:
    • Are pesticides the best choice of a common thread?
      • Lori - Seems to me--but then again, that is the one I feel clearest on what it would involve. It seems like it incorporates many disciplines (not everyone, but I think it will be hard to have a project that truly includes every single person/discipline). After having spoken with Mike and Corinne, as well as geology, I also think metals might be a very strong project.
      • Mike and Corinne - We think that metal might be a stronger project for the initial phase for several reasons:
        • We have both faculty (Corinne, Mike and Ron) with extensive metal analysis background/publication record
        • We have the equipment currently in place to analyze metals in a variety of matrices (to perform state of the art pesticide analysis, particularly metabolites, would require an LC-MS - $200,000)
        • Sample storage/processing is very easy and stable over time, which allows better integration into our curriculum (this is not true for pesticides which require very time sensitive processing/storage).
    • Does Keck have a prejudice towards either applied or basic research projects?
    • Barbara is going to check to see if facilities, new or renovations, or equipment, are appropriate for Keck.
      • Keck does not fund endowment.
      • There's nothing that I can find that says that they do not fund construction or renovation, but if we look at their funded projects over the past couple of years for undergraduate research and liberal arts colleges, the construction was limited to a planetarium and to a greenhouse. So, it doesn't seem to me that a large capital request for facilities would be in order.
      • As to renovation, it doesn't appear to me to be high on their hit list either.
      • Equipment, on the other hand, is listed multiple times as fundable. So, equipment related to your project would be very appropriate.