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Proto was HIP's dedicated computer science machine until its bootloader failed. Its data has been recovered. We're keeping this page because some of the information remains relevant.

What's Next

Proto is currently a fully-functional machine. We want to scale it back so that it serves the following purposes:

  • Monitor the hardware directly connected to it
  • Provide whatever services require direct access to that hardware
  • Send its information to either the cluster or the CS servers to process it


Work Notes, Summer 2019

We recovered the energy database and then the energy scripts, which now run on the hip user's crontab on bowie.

Check the HIP, root, energy, and weather dirs in bowie:/eccs/users/hip/proto/var/spool/cron/crontabs; some of those crontabs should be recovered and added to appropriate users on Bowie. See ~hip/energy and ~hip/weather for other information.

Files and directories we care about (prepend /eccs/users/hip/proto/ to these):

  • var/spool/cron/crontabs
  • home/

Not sure what else we need to do. I spent some time looking through the filesystem backup, ~hip/proto, and as we might expect it’s mostly system files. Database recovery, which you accomplished, was the hardest part. Crontab restoration and emailing pointers to the HIP/GS mailing list is probably enough for us, until they have questions.