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Available Printers

The Computer Science Department provides support to the following printers:

  1. Dennis 224 Mac Lab (D224)
  2. Math/CS Lounge (CSLounge)
  3. Dennis 4th Floor (4thfloor)
  4. Lilly Library PC Lab (Lilly)
  5. Wildman Library PC Lab (Wildman)
  6. LBC PC Lab (LBC)
  7. Mary Lou's Office (MaryLou)

Printing Tutorial


a2ps formats files for printing on a PostScript®The format used is nice and compact: normally two pages on each physical page, borders surrounding pages, headers with useful information (page number, printing date, le name or supplied header), line numbering, pretty-printing, symbol substitution, etc.

General use

a2ps -P printer_name [OPTIONS] filename
Usage of the a2ps printing tool
-PSpecify a printer (i.e. D224)
-RPrint in portrait mode
-rPrint in landscape mode
--header[=text]Print a header of optional text
--footer[=text]Print a footer of optional text
--side=modemode is either duplex, simplex, or tumble
-1..-9Predefined font sizes
--output=FILELeave output to FILE
--copies=NUMPrint NUM copies
--toc[=title]Generate a table of contents with title title


To print the C file bar.c and its header foo.h, on four virtual pages, duplex mode, on the CSLounge printer and save it into the file

a2ps foo.h bar.c -4 -o --sides=diuplex -P CSLounge

The option -4 tells a2ps to make four virtual pages (two ows by two columns). For more options on how to use a2ps check the man apge by running man a2ps.


lpr is an off-line print utility. lpr uses a spooling daemon lpd to print the named files when facilities become available. If no names appear, the standard input is assumed

General use =

Usage of the lpr printing tool
-PSpecify a printer (i.e. D224)
-Z modemode is either duplex, landscape, or duplex
-# nPrint n copies
-TPrints a title


To print foo.txt to the Dennis 224 Mac Lab using landscape format:

lpr -P D224 -Z landscape foo.txt

For more information on how to use lpr, please check the man page by running man lpr.


Computer Science students are encouraged to print to the D224 printer since it is funded by Earlham College Computer Services. If that printer happens to be non-functional, try CSLounge and, only in emergencies, MaryLou.

If you have any questions or concerns about printing procedures and policies, please direct them to the Computer Science System and Network Adminstrators.