Postgres:Database Creation

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  1. Make sure the user that will be using the database is created (Creating a user)
  2. Either as the "postgres" user, or as the user that will be using the db, run createdb
    • createdb can be run with no paramenters, in which case a database is created who's name and owner are that of the current user.
    • Syntax is: createdb <Options> dbname description
    • Options:
      1. -D tablespace: Specify default tablespace
      2. -e: Echos the command that createdb generates
      3. -E encoding: Specify character encoding to be used
      4. -O owner: Specify
      5. -q: Do not desplay a response
      6. -T template: Specify template database to use
  3. All this and more can be found by typing man createdb at a prompt.