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User interaction required at the following points:

  • Configuring NIS

You need to choose a NIS domainname for your system. If you want this machine to just be client, etner the NIS domainname of your network. Otherwise choose an appropriate NIS domainname.

Enter your NIS domain <default : > <ok>

  • Configuring ifhp

Location of filters has changed.

The location of the filters has changed from /usr/lib/filters to /usr/lib/ifhp so as to comply with Debian policy (FHS-2.2 sec 4.7)

Please modify your printcap file to reflect the new path to ifhp:/usr/lib/ifhp/ifhp


  • Configuring isdnlog

Entering isdnlog configuration

For correct isdnlog functioning, isdnlog needs to be configured with a number of settings. These ae some or all (depending on the level you have configured debconf with) of:

 - country		this is used for setting a number of defaults, e.g. what rate tables to use for calculating the cost of a call
 - country prefix    	what is used to indicate an international number
 - country code	the phone number for your country (eg 49 for Germany)
 - areacode prefix	what is used to indicate an areacode, if applicable 	
 - area do

After installation, you may have to edit /etc/isdn/isdnlog.isdnctrl0 before isdnlog can work properly, although that file is set up with reasonable defaults for most cases.

If you previously had /etc/isdn/isdnlog.isdnctrl0, that will be preserved


  • Configuring ipppd
  • Configuring isdnvboxserver
  • Configuring krb5-config
  • Configuring libnss-ldap * 6

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