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Robot Group (Nick B, James, Thomas, Nick C)

  • Next Meeting: Monday at 8pm
  • Tasks
    • Design robot
    • Decide how to divide work of building robots
    • Build robots
  • Completed:
                      Two bots, each travels in one dimension with the motor in PORT_A.
                      The bots have a sensor tower with four compasses at the 'Front'
                      and the motor at the 'Back'. The compass pointing towards the
                      'Front' is in PORT_1 and the rest go clockwise. So the one to the
                      'Right' is in PORT_2 and so on.

Software Group (Nick M, Sam, David, Dylan)

  • Next Meeting: Tuesday 8:00 AM (Communicating via email)
  • Tasks
    • Due ASAP: Magnetic Mapper code v1.0
      • Make start coordinates and Room ID passable by argument as an alternative to standard input
        • Right now they must be reinput every time the code is run
        • Compass IDs and expected headings can also be argumentized, but it is less straightforward because of a potentially variable number of compasses
      • Look at code for other potential improvements and document them in the wiki

  • Old tasks (done)
    • Respond to key input (done)
      • This is not implemented ideally. Currently one press starts the robot moving and the next press stops it instead of the robot moving only while the key is held down
    • Implement motor functionality (done)
    • Collect data
      • Sensor IDs (done)
      • Timestamp (done)
      • Room ID (done)
      • Coordinates (done)
        • (x,y) by tile (done)
      • Expected Sensor Data (done)
      • Actual Sensor Data (done)
    • Using Brad's function, write data to CSV file. (done)

Testing/Automation/Refactoring Group (Aaron, Nick C, Dylan, Brad, Gil)

  • Descriptions: Testing, Automation, Editing/Refactoring
  • Next Meeting: Tuesday @ 6:00
    • First in magmapper.py there is a call to get_type( ) but there is no get_type( ) defined.
    • Second we need a better incorporation of calibration of compasses, so that it happens as often as necessary( however often that is).
    • Third the bot has trouble staying in a straight line with current controls, as the stopping method is very sudden and causes the bot to unbalance and wiggle.
    • Fourth moving the bot manually is faster and more precise than using the interface.
    • Fifth it would be nice to know when the data collection was done. At the moment it says "Recording data..." but doesn't tell you when its done.
  • Tasks
    • Test magmapper.py
      • Due Date: Tuesday at 8am
      • Owner(s): Dylan
      • Subtasks
        • Make sure documentation is clear (DONE)
        • Write a script to ensure each line of code in magmapper.py is tested
    • Test nxt_common.py
      • Due Date: Tuesday at 8am
      • Owner(s): Aaron, Dylan
      • Subtasks
        • Make sure documentation is clear (DONE)
        • Write a script to ensure each line of code in nxt_common.py is tested
    • Test record_data_lib.py
      • Due Date: Tuesday at 8am
      • Owner(s): Dylan
      • Subtasks
        • Make sure documentation is clear (DONE)
        • Write a script to ensure each line of code in record_data_lib.py is tested
    • Compass Sensor Calibration Test (DONE)
      • Due Date: Monday at 8pm
      • Owner(s): Dylan, Gil
      • Purpose: Do compass sensors calibrate differently? NO Are some more likely to calibrate inaccurately or imprecisely? NO
    • Compass Sensor Interference Test (DONE)
      • Due Date: Monday at 8pm
      • Owner(s): Gil
      • Purpose: Do compass sensors interfere with each other when placed close together?
      • Results: Placing the sensors as closely as possible to each other, Gil found no interference.

Environment Preparation Group (Brad, Patrick)

  • Next Meeting: none
  • Tasks
    • Determine Room Dimensions
      • Due Date: Tuesday at 8am
      • Owner(s): Patrick
      • Results
        • D128 - 22 x 28 (EW x NS)
        • D129 - 13 x 15 (EW x NS)
        • D124 - 24 x 28 (EW x NS)
        • The origin is the big cross in the center of the room. North is marked with a diagonal arrow. North is positive on the Y axis and East is positive on the X axis.
    • Mark off origin, quadrants, and regular periodic difference
      • Digitally make note of "unreadable" tiles, i.e. ones with something immovable on them
      • Due Date: done
      • Owner(s): Patrick

Data Collection Group (Michael, Tristan, Gil)

Data Synthesis Group (Brad, Patrick)

  • Next Meeting: ?
  • Tasks
    • Identify inaccessible tiles via a CSV file
    • Create a python function for use by the software group that will create a correctly formatted entry in a CSV data file ( Done 4/3 )
    • Create software to visualize a CSV data file in graphical map form
  • Resources

Documentation/Writeup Group (Aaron, Jeremy, Gus, Nick)

  • Next Meeting: ?
  • Tasks
    • Overview
    • Description of Robot
    • Description of Environment
    • Description of Software
    • Description of CSV file
    • Procedure
    • Pictures of Robot
    • Attach Python scripts as appendices
    • Attach CSV files as appendices
    • Attach environment maps as appendices

Leading/Organizing Group (Jeremy, Sam, Aaron)

  • Next Meeting: ?
  • Tasks
    • Make sure everyone has a task at any given point
    • Make sure work is being distributed as evenly as possible
    • Make sure tools are being used (correctly) by everyone (wiki, github)
    • Make sure standards are defined where appropriate
    • Make sure standards are being met
    • Understand the dependencies between groups
    • Make sure the job gets done