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Ubuntu with Brad's Live ISO

  1. Make sure you have the latest version of the Live CD ISO from Brad's course page
    • Recent improvements: Right and middle click from the mac touchpad, no longer need to use sudo when trying to access USB bus, based on latest Ubuntu version, new Bluetooth management tool
  2. Boot off the live ISO, either on real hardware or virtually
  3. Login using cs282/johnny5

If your computer supports bluetooth, set up your connection to your robot

  1. Turn on your brick.
  2. Navigate through the menu to enable bluetooth
    • Ensure that your device is set to "findable"
  3. Click the bluetooth symbol at the top of your computer's screen.
  4. Select "Set up new device"
  5. Select your robot
  6. You will be prompted to input a passkey into your robot
    • Use the small grey button to delete characters and the large orange button to select characters
    • Select the checkmark to submit your passkey
    • Work quickly! You have about a minute before the passkey kicks you out and makes you start over!
    • You will be notified on-screen if your passkey was successful
  7. After your passkey is accepted, try running query.py
python query.py

If you do not want to use the live CD, you can alternatively install the NXT files on your own Ubuntu installation.

  1. Download Brad's installation kit and untar it anywhere you want.
  2. In your editor of choice, modify the query.py script to connect to your brick instead of Brad's. This will be on the line 24: sock = nxt.locator.find_one_brick(host='00:16:53:09:83:49', name='NXT').
  3. Open a terminal, navigate to the folder with your newly untarred files and type
sudo ./install.sh

You will need to run query.py with using sudo or follow the instructions on the nxt-python installation page to enable other users to access the USB bus

sudo python query.py