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After talking with Charlie and Ray, I've decided to not go the computational physics route. I'm sticking with my idea of something that links back to the community. The Teaching Language is a lot of work -- too much work for a semester that is filled time responsabilities other than to it. I still think it might be a cool idea but not for here and not for now.

I've decided to go the route of creating teaching tools. I'm not entirely convinced how my project will go, but something as a pilot to show off what I maybe have in mind is to write a visual tutorial of C-strings (in Java). This is a concept that is not terribly hard, but combined with memory management it proved to be a somewhat large bump in the road. I plan on keeping with my initial plan of making it interactive. For this next week and until presentation time, I feel that this will be the big hurdle.

I'm picking Java because it has been so far (for me) 100% standard across the multiple operating systems that I use, because it can easily be turned into applet form, and because it has a large library of easy-to-find documentation for its large library of functionality.

--hunteke 8:49, 21 Sep 2005 (EST)

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