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Netcraft Survey - August 2008

Netcraft Webserver Survey


- With a current Marketshare of 49.49 %, Apache is the leading webserver software on the internet.Open Source


- Microsoft's IIS webserver holds a signifigant chunk of the marketshare. Recent increases can
most likely be attributed to the release of Windows Vista. A similar peak appears around the 2001
release of Windows XP. Proprietary
- currently accounts for 35.57% of the internet


- The Sun webserver has remained on a steady, but gradual decline since its introduction.  Proprietary


- lighttpd is a server designed for speed-critical environments. Wikipedia and YouTube both use
lighttpd thus contributing to its recent boost in internet usage. 
- currently accounts for 1.68% of the internet. Open Source


- Until recently, Google used a modified Apache as their webserver platform. The GWS (Google
WebServer) is Unpublished software, but is said to be based heavily on the apache code. The GWS
is used internally, and does not appear to be licensed to other companies running similar internet
- It accounts for 5.70 % the internet. Proprietary (Unpublished)


- one of the first web servers after Berners-Lee developed the first one at CERN. 
- worked hand in hand with the mosaic web browser
- introduced support for CGI, dynamic websites.
- development ended in 1998, and the code was merged into the apache projects