Nbgrader notes/Grading

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  1. Log in to tools as nbgrader
  2. Click on the formgrader tab
  3. Click on the collect button (Down arrow cloud)
  4. To autograde: In a terminal, as nbgrader, navigate to the folder for the course, then do: nbgrader autograde assignment-name
  5. After the autograder has finished running, return to the formgrade tab
  6. For each student, open their lab. For the problems that can be autograded, if they got the problem right, they should already have full points marked. If one or more tests didn't pass, it will say the first test that failed. You may be able to award partial credit for some of their work.
  7. Some of the problems may not be autogradeable. For example, ones that only print or ones that require user input. These have to be checked manually.
    1. To test them out, navigate to the submitted directory in the cs128-s18 directory in nbgrader's home. Find the student's directory. Their submission should be in there, and you can test out their code.
  8. Input the student's grade into the spreadsheet when you're done
  9. Email the professor about any patterns of mistakes you noticed that would be useful to talk about in class.