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.tr ~ .ds s \fInwcleint.p1\fP .ds p \fI\fP .if t .ds c caf\o'\'e' .if n .ds c cafe .ds ]W .TH "nwclient" 8 .SH NAME \fInwcleint \- New Wheel Client \fP

.SH USAGE nwclient.p1 .TP nwclient.p1 [COMMANDS] ...


%> nwclient.pl
Starting Interactive Mode
Type 'end' on it's own line to exit
> m acl3
> q
2 0 0 +
> m acl4
> q
1 0 0 +
> end
%> nwclient.pl m acl3 q
2 0 0 +

.SH DESCRIPTION \*s is a cmdline/interactive client to interact with nwd servers. \* The general setup is that you give it remotehost either with the first cmdline argument or with the m command and then send some series of commands with the output printed to stdout. .LP \* Commands can either be specified on the command line or in an \fIinteractive\fP mode. .LP \* Commands are short (usually one letter) and take some set number of arguments that can be quoted and escaped (like shell). \* They are split up into two groups: local and remote. .TP \* Local commands are commands for the client itself whereas remote commands are commands sent to the nwd server. .TP \* As the commands may change the h command, which will print a list of commands generated from the actual commands it recognizes, is the most reliable source for available commands. .TP \* If no commands are given then the client starts in interactive mode.

.SH COMMANDS .SH Local Commands: \fBe "<string>"\fP .PP echos string to stdout .PP \fBm <hostname or ip>\fP .PP Changes the current server, if a remote command is run before this the default server is localhost. .PP \fBi\fP .PP Launches interactive mode which takes commands from stdin. .PP .SH Remote Commands: .PP \fBc\fP .PP Clear all reservations on acl .PP \fBu\fP .PP Makes acl accept new connections .PP \fBr <display>\fP .PP Make reservation for <display> where <display> is X displayname. .PP \fBb\fP .PP Makes acl block new connections. .PP \fBq\fP .PP Queries acl and returns <active> <reserved> <enabled>. .PP \fBx <display>\fP .PP Cancel reservation for display. .PP \fBs <display>\fP .PP Select reservation for display. Reservation will persist for \fBSELECT_TIME\fP seconds. It is assumed that <display> will become actively managed within that interval. .PP

.SH FILES nwd.pl, chooser.c, chooser_wrapper_xdm , setupchooser.sh



.SH Author Matt Edlefsen