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How to contribute the the liberation package

Building a test liberation.tar.gz

su to root on hopper. All the liberation build environment is checked out into /root/bccd-liberation/ In order to build a test version of the liberation package:

cvs update
cvs commit
./ <dst path> noupload

This will do the checkout and taring of the liberation package for you. It will end up in the destination path you provide. In order to install this package copy it to a littlefe (wget,scp), untar it into /usr/local/ and use the instructions but skip the step invovling downloading the liberation package.

Things worth editing

There are a few important things worth editing in the bccd-liberation checkout There are three overlays. These are directory structures that will be coppied over the standard bccd either on the server (lf0), clients (lf n>0) or both.

  • x86-server
  • x86-client
  • x86-common

Beyond this there are two scripts that are run: liberate and prepareserver. Commands that go into liberate should be commands that are needed to copy the bccd onto a single machine. The commands that go into prepareserver are commands that are needed to setup lf0 as a server for pxe booting the client nodes. Also anything that edits the clients install should also go into prepareserver.

Tagging & deploying a release

To tag and deploy a liberation package release edit and change the $TAG variable. Change this to whatever string you want to tag the release with.

Now, run without any arguments. This will build liberation.tar.gz, liberation.tar.gz.sig and upload these files to