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SC12 Week

2 hours: Add function for wireless network communication to the file

1 hour: Fix the obstacle avoidance function

1 hour: simulation testing

Thanks Giving Break Week

Readings --> (done)

  • Monday 1-2hour: Read the User Manual for the latest version of Player/Stage
  • Monday 1 hour: Paper "The Player/Stage Project: Tools for Multi-Robot and Distributed Sensor Systems" by the player/stage developers
  • Monday 1 hour: review online manual for writing player stage controller

Create Makefile -->(done)

  • Tuesday 30 minutes: write a Makefile for the controller using example from the User Manual

Fix environment (world - file -->(done)

  • Tuesday 2-3 hours: Increase the number of swarm in the .world file. This take while sometime because of adjusting the position of the robot. It will be cool to write control function to randomly spread the robots in the defined area.
  • Tuesday 1 hour: Decrease the size of the robots to make it easy for increased swarm to search for target and avoid obstacle collision (done)

Fix the Configuration (my_swarm.cfg) file -->(done)

  • Tuesday 1 hour: Add drivers for instantiating new robots added to the .world file
  • Tuesday 1 hour: Config their Navigational and obstacle avoidance drivers

Test simulation:

  • Wednesday 20 minutes: Test robot behavior and environment
  • Wednesday 10 minutes: robot obstacle avoidance
  • Wednesday 20 minutes: communication
  • Wednesday 30 minutes: Planes for what needed to be work on Next week related to software

Project Documentation -->(Done 70%)

  • Wednesday 2-3 hours: Edit the Documentation for the project
  1. - Player server overview
  2. - Stage simulator overview
  3. - Player/Stage (.world) (.cfg) (.inc)
  4. - Control files

Final Paper

  • Wednesday 1-2 hour: work on the final paper
  • Wednesday 1 hour: Worked on Latex configurations for the paper

Working on the first draft of final paper

  • Thursday 3 hours: Re-reviewing literature studied over the course of semester
  • Friday 3-4 hours: Writing introduction, and literature review.
  • Friday 1-2 hours: Software description
  • Saturday 2 hours: backward reading the so far written first draft
  • Saturday 1-2 hours: making necessary changes based on the backward reading

Class Presentation:

  • Sunday 1: Create Slides for class presentation
  • Sunday 1: Practicing Presentation
  • Sunday 1: Preparing for Monday 11:30AM Meeting with Charlie

Week of Nov 26

Final Paper

  • Monday 1 hour: Take the draft to writing center
  • Monday 1-2 hours: make necessary changes
  • Monday 1 hour: Add function to passing arguments at run time.-->(Done)

Class Presentation

  • Tuesday 1 hour: Correct slides and Practice for Class presentation
  • Tuesday 30 minutes: Practice demo of software
  • 1-2 hour: work on missing homework
  • Tuesday 30 Minutes: Fix the automation function add new arguments for host (ip) and port

Week of Dec 2

Final Paper outline

  • Abstract -->(Done)
  • Sunday 1-2 hours: Table of Content
  • Introduction -->(90% Done) -- Monday 1-2 hours work needed to get done
  • Problem Statment --> (Done)
  • Literature Review -->(60% Done)- Sunday 2-3 hours: work needed to atleast get close to be done.
  • Software Simulation Discustion-->(80% Done) -- Sunday 1-2 hours: work needed to get done.
  • Monday 2-4 hours: Algorithm Discustion
  • Sunday 1-2hours: Conclusion
  • Monday 1-2hours: Future Work

Week of Dec 10

  • 2 hours: Thesis: Project Algorithms
  • 1 hours: Latex Setup
  • 2-3 hours: Project Presentation
  • 2 hours: Reviewing Materials for Presentation
  • 30 minutes * 4: Practicing Presentation
  • 2 hours: Project Preparation