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The Keck Foundation Phase I proposal:

  • Things to do:
    • Review Doug's call notes with Mercedes. 07-Mar-2006 email from Barbara.
    • Check with potential reviewers
    • Copy/paste/edit from the LOI prose (link below) into each section of the Phase I prose (links above). Using two browser tabs, one with each of the documents in edit mode, is one way to do this.
    • Review the Keck guidelines. 07-Apr-2006 email from Barbara.
    • Develop the budget. 07-Apr-2006 email from Barbara.
  • Open questions:
    • What counts as a matching contribution from EC? E.g. indirect, graphite furnace (Barbara)
  • Timetable:
    • 22-May-2006 - Phase I proposal due to DougB
    • 01-Aug-2006 - Notification from Keck, begin work on full proposal?
    • 01-Sep-2006 - Full prosposal due to Keck
    • 01-Dec-2006 - Notification from Keck

Documents from the Keck Foundation letter of inquiry (LOI):