Installing Debian on Athena

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  1. Download the rescue floppies from
  2. Download the first Debian CD image.
  3. Write boot.img and cd-drivers.img to floppy.
  4. Write the first Debian CD image to CD.
  5. Boot of boot.img, and load cd-drivers.img when prompted. Have the first CD image in the CD drive so that it can start booting off that when it's ready.
  6. Select whatever language you want. English would probably be appreciated.
  7. Select a QWERTY keyboard.
  8. Partition the hard drive. Give 64MB for swap (set to type 82) and the rest to / (set to type 83).
  9. Let the installer initialize both filesystems. It's your call as to whether to check for bad blocks (it's slow).
  10. Don't configure any device drivers.
  11. Install the kernel and all the packages you want off CD.
  12. Make the system bootable, with the MBR on /dev/hda.
  13. Reboot.