Hot h20 experiment

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Experimental Solar Hot Water System

Supply List

Basic Design

  • Supplies Needed
    • (2) 1 1/4 inch female hot-water unit to hose connectors
    • a pump
    • hose?? (We found some hose in the green house that doesn't have end pieces)
    • sealable barrel (the barrels out back don't have lids that we can open. We need something sealed so that we don't turn the basement into a sauna)
    • copper coil
    • (2) hose to copper pipe connectors
    • tube-o-silicon
    • (long term) plexyglass or glass? and aluminum frame materials.
  • Supplies Purchased
    • 12v Ag Sprayer Pump Product Information
    • 2 Red River 50ft. farm hoses guarentteed up to 180F
    • Teflon Pipe Tape
    • lots of pipe/hose connectors
    • flux
    • 25 ft 10-2# outdoor electrical wire
    • 30ft. soft copper tubing
  • Supplies Purchaced-Addendum
    • nails and bolts for PV stand
    • self-liting butane torch
    • 12v connection cable for pump
    • metal juction box and wire nuts
  • Supplies Acquired
    • scrap lumber
    • duct tape
    • 30? gallon black plastic barrell
    • various tools
    • 64 Watt solar panel
    • solar hot water heating unit
  • Resources
    • Solar Panel Angle by time of year and latitude click

Setting Up a Test of the Heating Unit

Heating Unit Lab