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I have reviewed the Faculty interest forms that you submitted and have formed preliminary subgroups based on these compilations. My intention is for these subgroups will be responsible for discussing, refining, and adding detail to their particular program component. It is my hope that these subgroups will meet, perhaps several times, in the near future to ultimately generate a written synopsis of the particular program component. This mock 'executive summary' should include: 1) Brief summary, 2) Statement of (educational) outcomes, 3) Mode of assessment, 4) Timeframes, and 4) Preliminary budget.


  • I would be most comfortable if these summaries were made available to me by July 13. Once I have received them I can begin integrating them into one document. I will be out of town but available to do this. I will be discussing with Charlie if creating a Wiki site would be good strategy for centralizing documents. I then suggest a core group of people return for writing Monday, August 6 and work with some intensity until the beginning of the Fall semester (Faculty retreat begins Aug. 14, yet we could work through). I realize some people might still be away from campus. I'd like a first complete draft of the proposal by September 3. This would allow numerous revision and editing prior to the October 17 deadline.

The Emerging Theme:

  • A two-armed theme seems to be emerging under the Learning Through Inquiry umbrella. First, we are generating a nice package focused on 'public health (local and abroad)'. Secondly, the programming listed below along with potential curricular updates seems to form a nice story in 'contemporary approaches for engaging students in the central dogma of molecular biology: DNA --> RNA --> Protein. Thus, representing the modern 'omics movement (which links biochemistry, biology, computational and computer sciences).


  • Group membership is listed below. If you feel your name should be added/removed from a topic please let me know. I tried my best to interpret from your sign-in forms and comments and assign accordingly. Having subgroups should focus our discussion and not add meetings to those not involved. Note: I did not feel the undergraduate research conference and the like need subgroups for now, yet will most likely be included in our final proposal.

There was not invested interest in the Academy program or the MAT workshop. Unless money and interest become available then these components will be shelved.

The first four listed are the topics that need most attention in my eyes (Local Public Health, Summer Research, Bridge, Faculty Development).