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(note: upon receiving the grant we will want to include descriptions of the recycling bins-color, shape, size, etc. familiarize the information below)

It is the responsibility of individuals to place all recyclable materials in the correct bins placed around campus. It is also important to avoid contamination of bins with incorrect materials or trash. For example, office paper placed in a co-mingled bin contaminate it, and can result in that bag being sent to the landfill. Similarly, newspaper placed in an office paper bin can render it trash. Please pay attention to the sign on a bin before placing items in it.

Office paper should have staples and tape removed, envelopes should have the windows removed, and glossy paper and magazines cannot be recycled. Colored and white office paper are both acceptable.

Corrugated Cardboard boxes should be flattened before being placed in cardboard dumpsters so they will fit into the compactor.

Glass bottles, aluminum cans, and plastics #1 and #2 should be washed out if they are very dirty but otherwise can be placed directly in the blue comingle bins as is.

There are a number of locations on campus to recycle the items listed in the previous section:

  • 1. Residence Halls (dorms) - On every floor of every residence hall you should find bins for:
    • 1) office paper
    • 2) co-mingled items (plastic #1 and #2, steel cans (i.e. tincans), aluminum cans, and glass bottles)
    • On the first floor of each residence hall there should be a large blue bin for newspaper, often placed right next to the Indianapolis Star rack.
  • 2. College Houses - In every college house there should be a big blue bin with a circle cut-out in the lid for both co-mingled items (Plastics 1 & 2, Aluminum cans, steel cans, and glass bottles) and office paper. College Houses should be recycling by bringing their bin out to the street for regular city pick-up as arranged by their AD. See Wayne County Recycling for more information on recycling in Wayne County and whom to contact with questions and problems.
  • 3. Academic/Administrative Buildings - On each floor of academic/administrative buildings you should find the following recycling bins:
    • 1) Tall, Blue, closed-top, co-mingled bin (for plastics #1 and #2, aluminum cans and glass bottles)
    • 2) Small, open-top red bin: office paper
    • The current placement of these is sporadic. At the very least, most department offices have a red bin located near the copy machine. Blue co-mingled bins tend to be located in the hall for greater access to students and professors/administrators/staff.
  • 4. Runyan Center (student center) - Runyan Center has the following bins for recycling:
    • 1) Tall Blue bin for Newspaper only
    • 2) Tall Blue bin for Magazines only
    • 3) Tall Blue bin for office paper
    • 4) Tall Blue bin for Co-mingled items (for plastics #1 and #2, aluminum cans and glass bottles)
  • 5. Outdoors - Currently there are no outdoor receptacles for recycling.
  • 6. At Certain Events
  • 7. Maintenance - The following items, in addition to office paper, co-mingle, and newspaper, can be brought to Maintenance (located across from the side entrance to Hoerner and behind the Wellness center):
    • 1) scrap metal-location (large, open, rectangular dumpster south of Maintenance Bldg.)
    • 2) corrugated cardboard- location (a rectangular, brown dumpster is located north of the big yellow Grounds Barn).
    • 3) old electronics/computers-location (old computers can be recycled at an Earlham sponsored, community, computer recycling roundup, to be held in January 2007, and again later in the year).
    • 4) lead/acid batteries-location (these are collected along the west side of the Maintenance Bldg./small batteries are collected in a covered, steel barrel, also located on the west side of the Maintenance Bldg.)
    • 5) ink cartridges/cell phone batteries-location (ink cartridges can be recycled in the basement of Lily Library, near the Computing Center).