HIP:YSI650 EcoWatch

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How to use YSI650 and Zoey

  • Connect YSI650, GPS, adn Sonde
  • Turn on YSI650 and GPS
  • From YSI650 main menu, run sonde.
  • Start Logging. When you are done, stop logging.
  • Log into Zoey as HIP.
  • Run VirtualBox. Start Windows XP.
  • Connect YSI650 to Zoey with USB_to_DB9_Adapter_Cable.
  • Start EcoWatch in Windows XP.
  • Click Sonde icon. Select COM 3.
  • From YSI650 main menu, selecte "File" -> "Upload to PC" -> "data file you made"
  • From EcoWatch, click open icon.
  • From menu bar, setup -> parameters -> add/remove. Choose parameters you need. (maximum 15 parameters)
  • From menubar, file -> export -> CDF/WMF, and click "export".

After all, you will get csv file.