Gardening With Native Plants

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Native Plants of Indiana

Gardening with plants native to your area has many advantages. Native plants and wildflowers have adapted to the local environment and therefore thrive without a lot of care. This means that they require less physical maintenance, less watering and little or no use of chemical fertilizers. Additionally, if there are sudden changes in the weather (which if often the case in the midwest), native plants are more apt to handle these changes and survive whereas many nonnative plants would die out. Using native plants in your garden can also attract wildlife such as birds, butterflies and small mammals. By gardening with native plants, you are making a positive impact on the environment by keeping out non-native invasives, reducing chemical use, and helping natives thrive. The following list is a selection of plants native to Indiana and surrounding areas that are just as beautiful and enjoyable as the traditionally used non-natives.

Ground Cover
Natives that attract wildlife
Natives for sand/gravel beds

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