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Lit Review

Gough, Noel: Teaching in the (Crash) zone: manifesting cultural studies in science education (PDF)

Lathrop, Scott and Murphy, Tom: High Performance Computing Education (PDF)

  • Talks about the dire need for computational science within K-12 and undergraduate curricula

Livingstone, Daniel and Kemp, Jeremy: Proceedings of the Second Life Education Workshop 2007 (PDF)

Livingstone, Daniel and Kemp, Jeremy: Proceedings of the Second Life Education Workshop 2006 (PDF)

Federation of American Scientists, Summit on Educational Games: Harnessing the power of video games for learning (PDF)

  • A lot of theory on what needs to be present in an educational game.
  • From the paper:
The Summit focused on answering four questions:
   * What aspects of learning are most amenable to new approaches offered by games?
   * What kinds of research are needed to identify features of gaming that
     can be effective in education and training?
   * What makes the education market so difficult for innovative commercial developers?
   * What kinds of changes in instructional practices and management of educational 
     institutions are needed to take advantage of the power games could bring to teaching and learning?
  • Popular topics within this paper include: the need to be able to teach higher-order skills, goal-oriented learning, challenge, quick feedback, engaging, scaffolding.

Linden Labs: SL Education Blog

  • The SLED (SecondLife EDucation) program is a community driven, LL approved, project to provide discussion on methodologies for education within SecondLife.

Maharg, Paul and Owen, Martin: Simulations, Learning and the Metaverse: Changing Cultures in Legal Education

  • Not talking about Science Education specifically (actually Law education), but still could provide some insight into using online worlds for education.

Educational Uses of SecondLife

  • Lists and describes numerous examples of using SecondLife for educational purposes. Included are things like Architectural design, AI, 3D visualization, Biology, city planning, and more.

SimTeach Wiki

  • Resource for educators wanting to use technologies like SecondLife for education.