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  • 1. What happens after trash is put in recycling bins (or some other way to address contamination)?

It will need to be removed by student recycling workers or by other caring individuals. Recycling dumpsters will soon all be located at one main collection area directly south of the Maintenance Building and will be accessible only to student recycling workers, who will be charged with sorting the recyclables placed within them. A drop-off location nearby will be made available to the public. This policy is aimed at preventing dumpster contamination.

  • 2. What happens if I don't take the staples off of paper; or if I put put catalogs or envelopes with windows or newspapers into the paper bins?
    • Staples, catalogs, envelops with windows, or newspaper in the paper bins counts as contamination. Someone else on campus must then decontaminate the bin before it can be recycled; or else the whole bin needs to be thrown away. Please help us avoid contamination!
  • 3. Can I recycle all types of cardboard at Earlham?

No-Only corrugated cardboard can be recycled at this time. Cereal boxes, mac & cheese boxes, and gift boxes are not accepted and are considered contaminants.

  • 4. Can I recycle all types of plastics at Earlham?

No—Earlham and the town of Richmond only recycle plastics #1 and #2. See RECYCLING BEYOND EARLHAM for information on recycling other kinds of plastic.

  • 5. Whom do I contact if the bins on my floor/hall are not being emptied regularly enough, or if the recycling is messy and/ or smells bad?

Beginning January ___, 2007 Housekeeping should be contacted if bins on the floors need to be emptied or smell bad. Maintenance should be contacted if the large collection bin on 1st floor needs to be emptied.

  • 6. Whom do I contact if I'm interested in a recycling or composting work-study job?

Derric Watson, Director of Service Learning and Career Development Center (983-1893) is one source. Glen Haywood, Director of Facilities (983-1678) is another.

If you have a question not on this list, please contact Scott Hess, convener of the Environmental Responsibility Committee, at