Exercise 4.4

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Exercise 4.4 in Beginning Perl for Bioinformatics

#!/usr/bin/perl -w
use strict;

#Erika Phelps
#Sept. 21, 2009
#Exercise 4.4

#Do the same thing  as Exercise 4.3, but use the string directives \u and \L 
#for upper and lower case.

#The DNA (input both in upper and lower case)

my $DNA2 = 'cccggctaatatacgctag';

#Print the DNA to the screen

print "Here are the DNA sequences that have been provided:\n\n";

print "DNA1:$DNA1.\n\n";

print "DNA2: $DNA2.\n\n";

#Concatenating the DNA

my $DNA3 = "$DNA1$DNA2";

#Print the concatenated DNA all in lowercase 

print "The concatenated DNA is (lowercase):\L$DNA3.\n\n";

#Print the concatenated DNA all in uppercase

print "The concatenated DNA is (uppercase):\U$DNA3.\n";

#End of program