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Lab 2: Holy Pigeon P$#! Batman, it's Penelope Poison!

Group 1: Ben Smith, Lily Cutler, Emily Van Cise, Albert Greene

Problem Description and Approach

For this lab we were given the task of locating various points identified in pictures provided to us. We were able to find the locations in the pictures though the use of a computer program that could read the embedded Longitude and Latitude in the images. At each location we were to take measurements of the following: ambient temperature, water temperature, wind speed and direction. We also needed to confirm the latitude, longitude, and altitude of the locations we visited.

Data Collection

To collect this information we used several methods, each with varying levels of accuracy. We used a Uni-T multimeter to measure ambient and water temperatures. The compass we were given gave us our orientation upon which we based wind direction. We dropped a leaf or watched Bill’s exhaled smoke. The Beaufort scale was used to determine the speed of the wind. We then used Google earth to check our latitude, longitude and altitude.

Data Analysis

Good news! Penelope Poison will likely not be successful in spreading poison because it is too cold and windy outside to allow the spread of the poison.

Error Analysis

Uni-T Device- The error in using this device is +/- 1% +3. Depending on how long we waited to receive the temperature reading there may have been some human error, also in how we recalibrated the device before taking the next reading.

Compass- The error of the compass was mainly human error based on how close to the actual location the compass was being held and the angle with which it was being held and the consistency to which it was held at this angle throughout the data collection.

Leaves- The error of using leaves to find out the direction of the wind is that not the same leaf was used every time and the wind speed of the locations may have varied based on the surroundings and landscape. If the leaves that we chose to drop in the wind were wet they may have been heavier and harder to blow and allowed for some error in the data for the wind direction.

Pictures- Our ability to mimic and recreate the pictures was flawed because of our inability to recognize the landmarks in the original pictures and our attempt to retake the photos. This was a human error.


looking S at canadian memorial
looking SW over a fountain attached to Regents Park
looking S at the profile of the red reflector in Round Pond
looking SE at a duck pond
Facing SW across Serpentine
Facing N looking across Regents Park Pond
Facing NE across Serpentine, looking at round reflector
SW at the southernmost fountain in Trafalger Sq
Facing NW, looking across the Serpentine
S facing a small island, metal fence
Face E looking across the NW most pond

Appendix A: Raw Data

Location A Location B Location C Location D Location E Location F Location G Location H Location I Location J Location K
Longitude 1 -0.142664' -0.147532' -0.18197' -0.131919' -0.16976' -0.160808' -0.174759' -0.12766' -0.160074' -0.138764' -0.175849'
Longitude 2 -0.142663' -0.147536' -0.181971' -0.131941' -0.169744' -0.160836' -0.174752' -0.127667' -0.160078' -0.138727' -0.175881'
Longitude 3 -0.142663' -0.147537' -0.181972' -0.131955' -0.169737' -0.160836' -0.174743' -0.127649' -0.160064' -0.138728' -0.175883'
Latitude 1 51.50286' 51.52532' 51.506391' 51.503448' 51.505966' 51.527818' 51.507294' 51.508194' 51.504419' 51.501745' 51.516659'
Latitude 2 51.502863' 51.525323' 51.506392' 51.503456' 51.505966' 51.527759' 51.507298' 51.508199' 51.504413' 51.501745' 51.510665'
Latitude 3 51.502862' 51.525328' 51.50639' 51.503453' 51.505954' 51.527769' 51.507292' 51.508205' 51.50443' 51.501754' 51.510668'
Altitude 1 41 ft 105 ft 97 ft 36 ft 50 ft 122 ft 70 ft 69 ft 52 ft 75 ft
Altitude 2 41 ft 105 ft 97 ft 36 ft 50 ft 122 ft 70 ft 68 ft 52 ft 75 ft
Altitude 2 41 ft 105 ft 97 ft 36 ft 50 ft 122 ft 70 ft 69 ft 52 ft 75 ft

Appendix B: Visualization

File:Charts.pdf Our Charts

File:Chartdata.pdf The data behind the charts

Charlie, i know you want these embedded, but i cannot figure out how... I think it has something to do with the file type?

Appendix C: Who Did What

Bill: For this lab, I was the official temperature taker, reading off the ambient and water temperatures. I also played a role in writing the lab report, taking care of part one, two and my section in part nine. I also found the Latitude, Longitude and altitude for the data spread sheet.

Emily: For this lab, I took the pictures and did the copy-editing. I posted the images and the raw data tables.

Ben: I downloaded the pictures, figured out how to read / import the geo-coding into Google earth. Looked at the location and planned our route. Built a spread to sheet to make data entry easier, entered data. Helped navigate and kept us somewhat found. Did visualization.

Lily: For this lab, I took the wind directions and the directions that we were facing. I also did the write up of the error analysis.

Location A Location B Location C Location D Location E Location F Location G Location H Location I Location J Location K
Time Stamp 12:03 02:32 3:30 11:45 12:52 02:11 03:08 03:20 12:28 11:54 02:59
Water Temperature1 7 6 5 6 3 3 3 8 4 6 3
Water Temperature 2 8 6 5 7 3 3 4 8 5 6 3
Water Temperature 3 8 6 6 7 3 3 4 8 4 6 3
Ambient Temperature 1 6 4 2 7 5 2 2 11 7 7 3
Ambient Temperature 2 7 5 3 8 4 3 3 10 9 8 3
Ambient Temperature 3 7 4 2 8 5 3 2 9 8 8 3