Doing a full monthly backup

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  1. Find a blank DDS-4 tape.
  2. Label it with the month and year.
  3. Go to the basement server closet. Use CAB6 to open it.
  4. Find the tape backup server. Currently, this machine is in the middle shelf closest to the doors, and should have a label identifying it.
  5. Find the tape autoloader. This is near the bottom of Backup's drive bay, labelled "DDS4 Digital Data Storage".
  6. Push the eject button (the top button). The LCD should change to "EJECT MAGAZINE? PRESS ENTER".
  7. Push the enter button (the bottom button). The current tape will unload, and the magazine will be ejected after that. This can take several minutes, so be patient.
  8. Take tape 1 out. This will be the top tape facing you as the magazine ejects.
  9. Insert the new tape.
  10. Log in as the operator user on backup with the insecure password.
    • The new tape(s) may have to be labelled. Use amlabel CSMonthly <label> slot n to label. The format for <label> is CSMonthly-Year<year>-Month<month>-Tape<n>.
  11. Run the command amtape CSMonthly slot 1 to load the first tape.
  12. Run the command amdump CSMonthly to perform the dump.
  13. Eject the tape, and load the original tape 1 back in when you receive an email that the dump is done.