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ex 8-5
1)open file 
2)prep file to be read (eliminating white spances)
3)make Hash
- Initialize variables
- Populate the hash (how to do it automatically?)
- Parse the list of genes using the counter.
4)If input is not null, ask user for another gene

1) get list with all codons to  AA: codontoAA
2) initialize variables, input: codon
3) If codontoAA has two letters in the same position as the codon, returns their#  AA. ( how?) you could use...?

1)  get example 9-3
3) Initialize varialbles
2) open file of interest
3) use split and pop to get key and value from value to scalar variables

1)open file with DNA seq
2)prep to be read
3)close file
4)search for restriction site for a given res enzyme
5)print entire DNA sequence labeling restriciton sites with restriciton enzyme's name  (how to do this?)