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Quaker Database Project


We have been asked to create a home on Earlham's servers - using Drupal - for a large database which contains a history of Quaker meetings in North America.


So far, we have been working on getting Drupal installed on Amber, one of the web servers.

We have also been using the directions provided by Drupal in their INSTALL.txt


  • 8/February

-- Downloaded and unpacked Drupal on Amber

  • 12/February

-- Installed MySQL 5.5 on Amber
-- Attempted to get the web server running

  • 15/February

-- Got the MySQL web server running
-- Created the Drupal database
-- Tried to add necessary components to php Makefile

  • 22/February

-- Updated Wiki page -- Still stuck on php components

  • 1/March

-- Found out making changes to Makefile unnecessary.
-- Began installing necessary ports. 4/6 successfully installed

  • 3/March

-- Kept working on ports. Successfully installed another. 1 left to go.
-- Updated Wiki page