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A list of the current directories in the Content Group's CVS tree.


  • pages
  • projects
  • css
  • images
  • contentadmin
  • news - this might still be in use
  • barn - has some old job descriptions and other strange things
    • This actually is probably the barndoor project, which we should probably fix, used to turn e-mail addresses to png until clicked on by an oncampus IP
    • projects/barndoor - the broken mail to pngs stuff

These ones appear to be old and currently unused, but I might be wrong:

  • MoL - this currently redirects to
  • about - about the CS department - not sure this is still being used
  • applied-groups and appliedgroups - not sure if these are being used or not
  • contentadmin - I think only the index.html file is being used here, the other bits look out-of-date
  • courses - this is old and uses the old CSS (but still available online)
  • elections - not available online
  • email - available online and broken
  • esslli07mts - old workshop by Jim, need to see if this still is important
  • little-fe - redirects to
  • mol - empty
  • mt - Movable Type install, not working
  • projects - this is part of the old website
    • projects/barndoor - the broken mail to pngs stuff
    • projects/robotics - a senior seminar from awhile ago
  • search - outdated application for 2008-2009 faculty member