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Let's put up a list of areas of the website that need some TCL sometime soon. Stuff that's outdated, stuff that needs overhauling, stuff that's broken.

Short Term

  • The e-mail at the bottom of each page is broken (this is part of the Barndoor project) - Sam is looking into this (1/27)
  • Add images and update the facilities and staff pages
  • We're removing the text in the top right corner - Sam has addressed most of this as of (1/27)
  • We need to get the news stuff working - Vlado and Sam are working on aspects of this (1/27)
  • Alumni link needs to be removed
  • Change the front page so just news and weather are being displayed
    • ~Someone could actually make the logo clickable so it just leads back to homepage (well if does the logo appear on each site-does it?)-added by Vlado

Medium Term

  • Embed an IRC client into the website

Longer Term

  • Tracy is working with someone to update the alumni pages for physics and other departments, and we might want to follow his template to update our alumni page
  • We need to go through and make all the links point either to cgi-bin or ../cgi-bin


  • homepage graphics for the different groups. They might need some updating - redoing. Its honestly nothing important, but if we catch time - the whole metaphors behind group names and graphics (its icons) could be altered.
    • Two new groups need to be contacted and added as well: Green Science and ECS SysAdmins
  • Links page ~ more links? Why not?
  • Possibly put the left side menu on all of the pages