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Database of CS classes

At the moment, we have information on CS classes, but it's organized like a print document, and uses very few of the advantages available to the internet medium. Recommend we create a mySQL database with all the classes, and let students search for classes using various criteria, such as teacher name, time available, class level, etc. Particularly recommend a user-friendly interface for showing what classes will be available when over a multiple-year timespan, simplifying the often daunting challenge of figuring out the availability of alternate-year classes, which make up a rather large portion of the CS curriculum. Of course, a simple interface for a teacher to add or modify a class would also be necessary.

Database Student Research/Job Opportunities

Tracy gets several fliers and brochures for job and research opportunities a day and she is looking for a better way to display them and get them out to students. We could create a MySQL database with an interface for her or student workers to enter data into the database, and then it could show the newest 15+ and also be searchable by subject field(s) (bio, chem, CS, computational chem, etc.) and dates, types (summer job, internship, grad school), and also only display the ones that hadn't yet passed.