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To Do (as of April 2006...)

  • Continue to Report CVS bugs....( all )
  • Validate our XHTML and CSS and links( all )
  • Install the W3C Log Validator to automate the above task..(CS Admins working on this)
  • Replace center tags with something valid XHTML/CSS (Jon) Update 03/08/06: This sort of spawned another project... The CSS is a bit lengthy so I'm also looking into tightening the CSS in general a bit. (Jon)
  • Get feedback from the rest of the CS Department about AlumniDB
  • Fix everything under /html/courses it is all out of date. Part of this is getting the XML feed working and the other part is organizing old course folders and the like. (Jon) Update 03/08/06: I just wrapped up debugging the XSL transforms for the feed, so that gnome on my back has been shot after many hours of frustrated gnome-wrangling. Now it looks like another two weeks and I'll hopefully be able to have a tangible product in place for dynamic fetching of the course list. (Jon)
  • Find the script Jeremy wrote for barndoor to generate png images of email address and incorporate that into the admin interface to the mail system.
    • It should be possible to make all the image handling automatically done by the php scripts, they should be able to, using jeremey's script and a pre determined naming scheme, create the image, and delete the image when emails are added or deleted from the database. The images should also be updated when the data base entry is updated.
  • We should decided if we are using the virtual included headers for our pages or not, and then implement that site wide... Right now it is kind of a mish mash of stuff.