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Features to add:

  • Ability to view internships currently being offered by alumni(all)
  • View of all alumni who are willing to be contacted for job opportunites and the like from current students(all)
  • Admin Functionality
    • Ability to change user type
    • *BETA TEST MODE*Add new functions to the data base. UPDATE:3/12/2006: This looks like it is working, but it has not been tested extensively. PLEASE ONLY USE FOR REAL FUNCTIONS as everything gets added to the DB. There is no code to check and make sure the functionality is in place.
    • Speaking of which. Write an additional function to check to see if the function the admin is trying to add exists.
  • Write a function (put in which returns a users type. This should be determined based on information in the DB and grad year (ex: someone who is not an admin and has not graduated yet is a current student)
  • Can't log in from the successful log out screen. Takes to main alumniDB page instead, even when user/pass is incorrect. 'request=' in address bar.

--Tom 17:12, 2 Mar 2006 (EST)

Fixed Problems

  • Register function for AlumniDB is broken.
  • Revert to yourself function is broken. Get a 404 error and your stuck as the new user until you relogin.
  • Fix AlumniDB admin function changeuser to show the info of the user that was switched to instead of admin's info on the 'view my info' page.
  • Ability to create an email list of all current alumni (admin only)
  • Revert function is broken again, in a different way though. When reverting from a user who isn't admin, the revert function serves up error.php
  • The mail system has been updated to use a postgres data base to support the cgi and php scripts. An admin interface has also been written to allow admins to access the database and make changes from the web. See the source code in html/email/ for more information.