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The PetaKit Project aims to make a small library of programs that can be run across parallel platforms to gauge the performance of various examples of parallel code.


Area under curve is an embarrassingly parallel Riemann-sum program.

Known Issues

  • Make sure to run on BobSCEd0 before trying to build on BobSCEd0. Hopper and BobSCEd share the same filesystem, but makes different makefiles depending on which machine it's run.


GalaxSee is an instantiation of the n-body problem.


StatKit performs the role of data harvester, running the programs and collecting results.

Known Issues

  • is evading the getCluster() algorithm. Somehow, instead of being classified as ACLs (the cluster it's part of) it is left unchanged.
    • A direct test of, the perl module containing the getCluster() function, successfully identifies as a member of ACLs.