Cluster:Big-Fe:PXE booting

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  • NFS-mount the directory that you are going to use as an NFS root.

mount admin:/big-fe /big-fe

  • Copy everything from the local root to the NFS root:

cd /; tar clf - . | (cd /big-fe; tar xvf -)

  • Copy the kernel and initrd into a TFTP directory on hopper:

mkdir /tftpboot/big-fe.boot;cp /big-fe/boot/{vmlinuz,initrd} /tftpboot/big-fe.boot

  • Make a file that is 01-<mac-addr> (all lower case) that looks like this:

DEFAULT big-fe.boot/vmlinuz initrd=big-fe.boot/initrd ramdisk_size=16384 ip=dhcp root=/dev/nfs nfsroot=

  • Make sure that all the TFTP files are world-readable.
  • If the kernel doesn't boot properly, make sure that your network drivers are compiled in or in the initrd, and also make sure these options are set: