Cluster:2005-11-30 Meeting

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Present: JoshM, KevinH, AlexL, TobiasM, SkylarT


  • V&V'd w/ data from switch, hub, crossover
  • Talked about SELECT script problems
  • Meeting probably not going to happen. After break?


  • JoshM has poster ready in LaTeX format
  • LaTeX looks good in overlay mode
  • Alpha transparency only outstanding issue


  • Everyone is going


  • No progress. More news next week.

Node usage

  • Script would be useful to automate cluster changes. For example, c10 and c11 are not cairo nodes due to the BCCD changes, and should not be treated as cairo nodes for c3 and imaging. Things script will need to change:
    • DNS
    • IP
    • Image
    • C3


  • b0: AlexL, primes
  • b16-b19: Skylar, CLIGEN


  • c10-c11: AlexL, Tobias, llk
  • c13-c15: Tobias, BCCD