Changing a magazine

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  1. Find the next magazine in the fire-proof safe in Charlie's office. Use CAB6 to open it.
  2. Go to the basement server closet. Use CAB13 to open Recompute, and then CAD3 to open the machine room.
  3. Find the tape backup server. Currently, this machine is in the middle shelf closest to the doors, and should have a label identifying it.
  4. Find the tape autoloader. This is near the bottom of backup's drive bay, labelled "DDS4 Digital Data Storage".
  5. Push the eject button (the top button). The LCD should change to "EJECT MAGAZINE? PRESS ENTER".
  6. Push the enter button (the bottom button). The current tape will unload, and the magazine will be ejected after that. This can take several minutes, so be patient.
  7. Move the write-protect lock toggle on the side of the old magazine to the "locked" position, and the toggle on the side of the new magazine to the "unlocked" position.
  8. Insert the new magazine, and wait for it to detect all the tapes. Make sure the "WP" indicator isn't on. If it is, eject the magazine and set the write-protect toggle to the unlocked position.
  9. Once the new magazine is properly loaded, place the old magazine in the safe in Charlie's office.

If you experience any problems, contact one of the sysadmins as soon as possible.

Note: A backup will still occur even if the proper magazine is not in the drive. AMANDA won't write the dumps to the wrong tape, but will write to the holding disk. After loading the proper magazine, flush the dumps to tape with the amflush CSDaily command.