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Director of Facilities: Glen Haywood ( x1678 contact regarding comingled pickup, and drop-off of other recyclables on campus

Housekeeping Director: Bruce Dodds (, x1854 contact regarding office paper recycling pickup, summer pickup of comingled

Environmental Responsibility Committee: contact regarding policies, planning, and campus oversight

   * Scott Hess, Convenor (
   * Glen Haywood
   * Katie Delbecq
   * Rick Foreman
   * Nancy Jackson
   * Ben Jaffe
   * Christine Larson
   * Jennifer Lewis
   * Charlie Peck (sabbatical, 2006-2007)
   * Meg Streepey 

Earlham Environmental Action Coalition ( contact regarding student initiatives and participation in recycling programs

Earlham Energy Awareness Project ( contact regarding tracking energy use in campus houses

Miller Farm ( x2982 contact regarding composting

MAINTENANCE BUILDING HOURS 8:00am -4:00pm M-F contact regarding recycling drop-off for cardboard, office paper, newspaper, co-mingle (glass, tin cans, aluminum cans, plastic #1 & #2, batteries, and scrap metal.